Wednesday, December 25, 2013


Merry Christmas to all  readers.....
We are citizens of a secular country, we don't believe in supporting in any one religion, our country celebrates many festivals of different religion, though we are Hindu majority, still we take pride and  feel exited about other religious festivals.
Personally my family likes to celebrate Christmas, like any christian family, reason is my younger sister was born on this auspicious day. 
I remember few things that we religiously followed when we were kids, rather until both of us were unmarried.
* As it was her birthday, obviously it has to be associated with new clothes, we went for shopping and ended up buying clothes for both of us.
* We ordered nice cake, & chocolate,
* As kids until many years we use to decorate a Christmas tree.
* This day my mother made sure we had a royal dinner and lunch at home.

What else? Like any christian family we too celebrated this day. 

When she was old enough to understand the importance of her birthday, she use to warn me from fighting or quarreling with her, she once said " don't scold me, i am Jesus Christ", 

"Jesus Christ was a male and you are a female" I answered
"So what ? this time i am born as a female" She quickly replied.
I still remember one of my fathers friend use to call her Christ.

The sentence " don't scold me, i am Jesus Christ", might sound funny , but i take it seriously, i know she is not a great avatar to help mankind on earth, but she is definitely my angel, who has helped me take right decisions in every step of my life.Though she is many years younger to me, i still depend on her advise whenever i am confused in life.


Tuesday, October 8, 2013

"Childhood Crush"

Its an accepted fact that all human beings are  living for three things, food, shelter and clothing, but how can someone ignore the fact that we also long for true love.This basic instinct starts budding up from the time we start learning other worldly things.I would not think twice to agree the fact that i too longed for a true love from the time i stepped in my primary school.
 I grew up in a village as a baby, for me nursery education was at home, my grand parents, paternal uncles and unties and my mother were my teachers. Before i learned A, B, C and D or 1,2,3, 4, i learned the Bengali vernmals's. For me the small village, the mighty river Ganga, few ponds in the village and many girls of my age were my world, but my mother had plans to take me to a different world with my father. At the age of five i mooved to a small town in Andhra Pradesh (A.P) and  i was told about the school that i had to attend.

This School was very big compared to the school that i saw in my village, here the students wore uniform, whereas in the village school, it was the students wish, inside my heart i cursed the school for the uniform policy.
I was mentally prepared to be strong and not to cry on the first day, more over i had so many reasons to go to school happily. I had every thing new on that day, ranging from new dress to new pencil. i was shocked to see my classmates, who were stronger and taller to me, specially the boys, who wore half pants.
I felt very lonely in the class, i thought i will miss my friends in village for the rest of my life, but i was destined to have more than a village life.
I made myself recognized in various activities at school level, once again it was because my mother wanted me to be good at every thing if not best. Five plus is the age where a child learns things very quickly, so did i. I made good friends in the class, for whom i never wanted to miss my school.
Among all of them i had a special feelings for him. Fair, comparatively taller than other boys in the class, chubbiest with baby pink lips.
An unknown feeling did make him special from others. I longed to sit beside him, but i hated my height which always made me sit on the first row. I missed his presence during summer vacations, I did enjoyed the vacation by playing in the open fields of the village, listening to the stories that my grand parents told me, but often i missed my school, not because i wanted to study more and become scientist one day, but just to see his ever smiling face.
with a very heavy heart i had to leave the school, when i passed 6th standard.My father got posted to Assam, a new school, again new friends, new language to learn, a very new culture to appreciate, every thing was very new to me. I heard elders saying, "as a child whatever we ask God, he grans it, as long as it doesn't harm any one", so i too prayed.
Coromandel Superfast express accelarated, departing from Vizag, i stared from the window of the train with eyes full of tears, my parents thought it was my love for the city, but that was partially correct, i was crying becaus i was leaving the city for ever, i would not see or meet him again in my life. In those days, we were not the privileged ones to have social networking sites.
I wish i was specific while praying, i prayed to see him again, i prayed to keep in touch with him, i regret for not asking more, because that day God granted all my wishes

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Happy about Afganistan

Long live the current Government of Afghanistan.
For a very very long time the Afganis, were deprived of internet,  sports activity,  music,  dance, for every thing there was no. They just lived on the mercy of the talibans. 
I respect the current administration, with its liberal view to bring up the countries lost name. 
I remember when i was in 3rd of 4th grade,  Doordarshan was the most preferred channel in most of the Indian families, there was a weekly programme that Doordarshan telecasted with the name SURABHI. I never missed any  episodes, once they showed something about Afghanistan, and i liked the country for its grape farms, people rode horses, the whole country had mountains, the water of the springs were white like milk, the summer temperature was never more that 30 degrees, etc. etc. But all this was before Taliban took over the administration, when  they came in, the country went 100 years back from the rest of the world.I always felt bad about the miserable condition of the people over there, specially the women.
Now i am again happy, for the first time, Afghanistan is in the international Cricket community, though they lost both the matches, but i appreciate their effort to come back and grow up in the ever changing world.
Its not about loosing the match, its about the start that should matter to all the Afganis.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Vestigial Emotions.

Before i start writing what i wanted to say, i just wanted to explain something that i have read in Biology.

I studied Biology till graduation, our syllabus covered a part of human evolution, where i remember we studied about "Vestigial Organ" (the organ that's present in the human body but, its of no use), these organs were functional in our ancestors, but eventually they became useless because we reduces its use, so they are present in the body but they don't have any function, example "Appendix".
Well, i explained vestigial organ, because, off late i have found that my emotions have also become vestigial, I feel sad, i feel the pain in my heart, when i loose something or someone, i want to express by love for my family and friend (only one friend), i do care for everybody, i am responsible, i do feel pity. But i can't express.
My sister who recently got married and currently lives in Kolkata, came to live with us for 15 days, i really had good time with her, we shopped, we exchanged gifts, we had so much to talk, we planned our future tours. we spoke about new jewelry, we spoke about starting a business, etc. etc. I was happy, and i wanted to say her that i missed her while she was away.
Today she went back to her in-laws house, at the station we hugged, mom and she had tears in their eyes, i too wanted to cry, my heart suddenly became heavy and i was afraid to look at her, i was not talking, i felt as if i lost my speech, my head was aching, and i just wanted the train to move off. Though there were so many psychological changes happening in me, i was so normal, my eyes were dry, not even a single drop of tear fell from them. 
I explained about vestigial, because somehow i feel , my emotions have become vestigial, though they are present,  they don't work.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

She aborted a male child for her daughter.

Satyemev jayete! first episode, huge response.....I am glad that we have social reformers like Amir Khan, who dreams for a better India, a civilized society.
female foeticide, really a burning topic....
I wish, he met my mother once before telecasting this episode.

I was the first child of my mother, when i was 3 years old, i suffered from nephritic syndrome( malfunctioning of the kidneys). Doctors gave only 60% chances of survival, i had to get hospitalized along with me my mother was also staying in the hospital. while i was undergoing treatment, she realized, she was pregnant for the second time, then she had two options, 
let me struggle hard for my survival and she take care of  herself for the second issue.
Forgetting her pregnancy,  putting all her efforts to take care of the baby, with whom she had already spent three years of her life.

She was in a dilemma......."what if the second issue was a boy".

Finally she took her decision, for which she never regrets.....She got the child aborted and found it to be a boy . My grand mother could not forgive my mom for what she did until she was alive, she always reminded mom of the sin she did.

we are a nuclear family, and hardly spent time with grand mother, once when she came to live with us for a very long time, she told me what my mother did to bring me back to life.It was my 25th year of existence on earth. I wanted to know what made her abort a male child for me? her response was.......

" You were in my life for three years, you were my first child, you were the result of my prayers, i started loving you more than any thing else in the world, i wont deny the fact that i loved you more than your father, the thought of loosing you, was killing me, so i took this decision. I agree, that abortion was a sin, but i don't regret, because i did't see the one who was growing inside me,so my love for him was not existing. I could have brought him to the world, but i had to loose you".

Today what ever i am is the result of  my mothers sacrifice.....i owe her my life.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Evaluate the value of (R) factor in your profile, Enjoy Face booking.

Why do i have to have a face book profile?

 Like i have heard from many young guys, in their early twenties, its a  "status symbol". I have seen people updating status about what they are about to do, what they are doing, whats hapenning in their life, bla bla if people are eager to know about their life.
Every day i get at least two friend request, thank god its only  one or two now, few years ago, it use to be in bulk, 99% of them were people who were complete strangers to me, not even a mutual friend we shared. I have derived an equation out of my experience as a profile holder on Facebook, it goes like this:

1.Number of friend request (R) is INVERSELY  proportional to the profile holders age (A).
2. .Number of friend request(R) is DIRECTLY proportional to the profile picture (P). Let me give values to the pictures on facebook, let me number them in 1-4.
(a). Exceptional good looking (1)
(b).Good looking(2)
(c).Average looks(3)
(d).Not good looking (4)

 (Exceptional in few cases if    the profile picture is of some celebrity, we can ignore those)

 Finally the equation goes like this:  

The lower value of the variable (p) the more number of friend request one gets. The higher value of (A), the lesser is the value of (R), which means less friend request.
The first variable i.e (A) in my profile is increasing with every passing year, the variable ((P) is in my control it depends on how much i pamper my self and spent more time in beauty parlors.

Readers can suggest me any new variables that can be considered in this equation.Evaluate the value of (R) factor in your profile, Enjoy Face booking.

Monday, February 27, 2012

"National Science day"

"National Science day", thank God, Raman effect was discovered on the 28th of feburary, and not on the 29th, else, we would have been celebrating this day, after every four years. Schools, colleges and Universities celebrates this day, remembers the great Indian Scientists.
For me, 28th february reminds me of the day, when i was a Student of Masters of Science at Andhra University, like every University, we too had some seminars and debate at the Ambedkar theater inside the University campus. From our department, it was me and swathi, who attended the gathering on behalf of the students along with us Lavanya (research Scholar), was also there. 
The hall was packed up with students, Research Scholars, Professors and Scientists, from various streams of pure and applied  Science. Who ever spoke, holding the loud speaker, leaning on the podium, that day, had one thing in common, they all spoke about, India's contribution, in the field of Inventions and Discoveries. It makes us feel proud to know how many great brains were from our country, but then most of the researches are done in United States of America. Indian Scientists become residents of the United states and complete their research there.Many people blame them, but i don't.
Swathi spoke , in front of the gathering, i support her for what she said that day. 
"There is nothing wrong in working for a foreign country, at least you get paid for your great contribution for the society and mankind. You know even if you are busy with your research, cut off from the whole world, the stipen will not let your family starve.  Go to which ever country pays you, show the world how intelligent Indians are, get the name and fame for every one in your country, including your family, and come back, once you are done living your dreams as a Scientist".
Great Thought Swathi!